Published: September 12, 2016

Cover for the gripper transporting parts to the quenching tank

Protection of welding tongs

The cover protects welding tongs which are exposed to contamination with soot generated in the production process. Another harmful factor is high temperature, reaching up to 250°C, which can damage not only the tongs themselves, but also some of the attached equipment as well. EVO_spark protective shields are made of specially selected fabric which is highly resistant to splashes of hot metal and welding spatter. The cover can be cleaned.

Protection of FANUC robot working with a forging machine

EVO_mold protective cover protects a FANUC industrial robot which transports hot components from the induction furnace to the press.
The protective cover has been made of specialist layered fabric that constitutes an excellent heat barrier, while remaining durable and strong.
The solid three-part structure of the cover provides precise protection of the entire robot’s body and the additional part of the gripper.

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