1. EVOmold – protective covers used in foundries, forgeries and ironworks.

The purpose of EVOmold covers is to protect robots from harmful factors such as high temperature, hot metal splashes, sparks or hot slag.


2. EVOspark – protective covers used in the process of welding and soldering.

The purpose of EVOspark covers is to protect robots and machines from sparks, splashes and UV radiation during processes such as welding, soldering or hardfacing.


3. EVOdust – protective covers for robots working with mechanical processing and shot blasting.

The purpose of the covers is to protect robots and machines from harmful factors generated during mechanical processing of metals and other materials, as well as connected processes such as shot blasting.


4. EVOlack – protective covers for wet painting and powder coating.

The basic purpose of coating covers is to protect from powder and splashes generated during painting and lacquering. The covers can be used in explosive ATEX zones.


5. EVOfood – protective covers used in food industry, e.g. with packaging of meat and candy or palletizing flour bags, etc.

Protective covers for food industry are meant to support the work of industrial robots, machines and devices in processes with high humidity and liquid splashes.


6. EVOpure and EVOshield – special protective covers, insulation and curtains.

Special covers and curtains support the work of machines in high temperature conditions and insulate them from harmful factors in their work process.