The type and quality of the fabrics is a key element of each protective cover. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of industrial automation systems, we have appropriate knowledge on how to fit the best fabrics to specific industrial applications. We cooperate with reliable, verified suppliers who always guarantee the top quality of delivered fabrics

Below we present the three most popular fabrics group used in many industrial applications.


High strength, non-dusting material, which does not contain harmful substances, silicones and fillers, as a result of which it is applied even in applications that require the highest cleanliness. It protects against dust and solid particles. It does not absorb moisture, it is water-proof, has good barrier performance. It is used in a wide range of temperatures from – 75°C to approx. + 95 °C.

Its specially coated surface ensures antistatic properties, consistent with standard: EN 1149-5. It is excellent for recycling.

It is used in the food, pharmaceutical industry, in one-time paint applications. It may be applied in zones with explosion hazard, as well as in clean rooms.




Light, thin, and very durable material, with increased chemical resistance. It protects against organic and inorganic chemical substances, and against small and dangerous dusts, also those explosive. It has high mechanical, abrasion resistance, endures multiple bending and puncture.

It has antistatic properties consistent with standards: PN-EN 1149-5

Applied in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical industry. Used in applications that require protection against high dustiness, sprayed fluid streams, fluid spattering, oils, and chemical substances.




A resistant material, survives very high temperatures, and most chemical substances. It has two highly reflective layers that reflect thermal radiation, made in “double mirror” technology. These layers are joined together by means of high-temperature polymer glues, free from solvents. The crucial part of the material is the fabric (100% para-aramid fiber), with high strength properties and resistance to most of chemical substances. The connected reflective layers and aramid fabric ensure excellent protection against thermal radiation (even up to + 1500 ⁰C), convection heat, hot aluminum splinters, iron, brass, slag, and other.

The material is most often used in high-temperature applications. Particularly useful in founding and metallurgy. Applied at casting of steel and non-ferrous metals (pressurized and traditional), induction heating, metal and glass casting extraction, transferring hot elements after heat treatment, metal plastic working, and other (e.g.. removal of slag from boilers).






To effectively protect a machine, it is crucial to adequately secure crucial places i.e. to close the structure of the cover and to secure the places where the machine’s power supply cables exit the machine. In each application, we use specialized fastenings with increased tightness. As a result, it is easy to install the cover, quickly and without any need to interfere with the robot’s instrumentation. In cases when it is required to unfasten the cover from any side or from the inside, we can deliver such a solution. For less demanding applications, we use light and resistant polyester and polyamide fastenings, with verified strength properties, meeting the highest standards. And Velcro fastenings replace traditional mechanical connections i.e. screws, clips, rivets, latches wherever periodical fastening or closing is required – as a result, these connections are light and flexible, which ensures free movement.

An advantage of our company is that we make non-standard solutions. We are protecting both all machines, and integral elements of their equipment, and wires. In previous applications, we observed the need to protect pneumatic and electrical lines. Upon a special order, we make covers for welders, paint guns, servomotors, and pneumatics. We treat each device individually, meeting the highest requirements of the client.


protection of industrial robots


1. We familiarize with the working conditions in a given application

2. We analyze the harmful factors resulting from the type and work environment of the machine

3. After analyzing the harmful factors, and after consulting experts in the field of fabrics, we select the optimal materials that meet the specified requirements, suitable for the given application

4. We select a special device protection technology, taking into consideration the most vulnerable places on the machine, the machine’s supplying lines and fittings

5. We design a cover so as to protect the indicated points, we determine how and where to fasten the apron, taking into consideration the client’s requirements

6. Depending on the requirements, we apply suitable accessories, the apron’s fastenings, sealing




When preparing protective covers, to apply suitable threads, fitted to a given application, is as important as to select suitable fabrics. This is particularly important in applications that require covers to be of high mechanical strength or resistant to very high temperatures.

Below, several selected types of threads used in EVOTEC products are described.

Protective threads with anti-microbial properties, for application in the food and medical industry. Made of high quality continuous fibers, with increased resistance, they guarantee strong seams with esthetic finishing.
They meet requirements of antibacterial, and anti-fungal protection in line with the world standards.
They meet the following standards: AATCC TM90, and ASTM M90 (microbiological action), ASTM G21 and MIL-Std-810G (fungi), EN ISO 20743 (antibacterial).

Threads made of highly resistant continuous fibers, lubricated, with water-proof finishing, prevent capillary phenomena. In combination with suitable stitch density and thread strain, they prevent penetration of water and moisture into a seam.

High-temperature resistant and of high strength. Top quality specialized threads made of para-aramid fibres – Kevlar, they survive temperatures up to 425 C”, don’t get destroyed, don’t melt, they are self-extinguishing.

With steel core
Threads used in applications that require high temperature resistance and high strength. They are made of aramid yarn strengthened with steel core. They show perfect resistance to temperatures, as high as 1000ºC, and to hot chips of metals and slag. Used for sewing covers in EVOmold application.

„Silikon free”
The silicon free threads do not contain substances that can disturb painting processes, those include: fat, grease, oil, graphite, wax, or paraffin particles. they are used in paint applications, and at works with chemical substances that they can damage, or disturb production processes.